Let's collaborate and grow together!

Let's collaborate and grow together!

  • For over 7 years, ExtraaEdge has been the driving force behind the success of 350+ education brands, revolutionizing student admissions and marketing endeavors. Our cutting-edge solutions empower education brands to streamline and enhance their entire admission process, resulting in a remarkable 2x increase in conversions.
  • Drawing on your extensive experience and influential network within the education sector, we are eager to collaborate with you to expand our business reach into regions where your impact is most profound. With your established connections and reputation among institutes and colleges, your insights hold the key to introducing ExtraaEdge's CRM & Marketing Automation Software to institutions poised to benefit from our innovative solutions.
  • We cordially invite you to recommend ExtraaEdge to institutes and colleges within your network that could leverage our platform to optimize their admissions processes. Your endorsement not only signifies the quality of our offerings but also contributes significantly to advancing admissions practices within the education sector. Join us in shaping the future of education with ExtraaEdge

How to benefit from our Catalyst Program?

How to benefit from our Catalyst Program?


FAQ ’s

Who can apply for this program?

If you are an advisor/consultant or an individual entity who has contacts in Higher Education.

If you are a business partner delivering services like lead management, digital marketing, branding etc. to educational institutions.

Is there any particular industry ExtraaEdge is targeting in the education sector?

We cater to Universities, B-Schools, Group of Institutions, Vocational & Coaching Institutes, Study Abroad consultants.

What does your reference model look like?

Start-up Model: Introduction to Potential Customer Opportunities. The partner introduces ExtraaEdge via email/phone a potential customer opportunity that is BANT qualified and we take care of the rest.

Deep Dive Model: Introduction & Hand Holding during the entire sales cycle and advising, guiding us to win the deal.

What is the referral amount structure?

We have different benefits depending on the model you go with for the catalyst program which will be conveyed by our team during the call.